Monday, May 17, 2010

Milani Liquid Metal for Summer (?)

Polish friends, I did something today that is probably a huge no no. I tried on polish in a drugstore (without buying). You see, I am currently starting week 2 of a 2 month no buy and I could not stay away from these colors. I mean, I had to make sure they were not worth purchasing, ya know?

The display that inspired my devious behavior was Milani's new Liquid Metal for Summer Collection. I might be making that name up. My mind was too distracted by metallic micro glitter to get a proper photo of the display, and the name of this collection is completely cut off. I think I remember seeing Liquid Metal so I'm just going to go with that.

Here are my quick and messy skittle swatches. 
Pinky: Metal Gear (one coat) - a yellow/gold metallic. 
Ring: Melt Down (one coat, probably not color accurate) - red metallic 
Middle: Molten Rock - shimmery metallic teal
Index: Hot Metal - pink/purple jelly with pink and blue microglitter. This one is way more pink in person, but the microglitter gives it that bluish purple flash you see in the photo. 

Ok people. I inherited a very stumpy thumb from my father. I really wanted to keep it off the internet, but I used it to swatch an awesome color so I have no choice but to feature it in this next photo. I'm sorry. This is Melt With You - orange metallic with gold microglitter. This one only one coat, I'm sure it's better with two. I don't really own anything like it so I might have to go back and purchase. 

Molten Rock instantly reminded me of Zoya Charla. It's definitely in the same family, but the glitter is a lot finer so the finish is smooth and less glitzy. Charla also has a green duochrome effect. I really like them both, though part of me leans towards Molten Rock cause Charla is almost *too* sparkly for my fingers. They are different enough where owning both is extremely justifiable. Here is a quick side by side: 


  1. I love your post and your willingness to admit that you opened polish in the store, lol. They are fabulous colors and I think your thumb is adorable! ;)

  2. Hehe thanks. And yeah, I have no shame!



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