Wednesday, June 2, 2010

OPI - The "It" Color

Hello polish friends!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I wore Rise and Shine for almost a week - a record for me! It really is one of my favorites.

Now for one of my least favorites: OPI's The "It" Color. It's a warm orange toned yellow. I really thought this would look nice on me, but it's not very good. Things it reminds me of: school buses, caution signs, cheez wiz, my tube of toothpaste (see photo).

The formula is miserable. It's sheer and streaky and needed 4 coats to cover all the bare spots.


  1. I like the color and do see how it could remind you of all of those things. Four coats, no thanks.

  2. Don't let it fool you! It actually looks ok in photos (which is why I bought it), but IRL it's just odd looking.



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