Thursday, July 1, 2010

Loreal - Target Red with Orly - Rage tips

Apologies for abandoning this blog for so long! Have been caught up with other things and taking photos of my nails kind of fell to the wayside.

I have been wearing Loreal - Target Red, which is a perfect red cream sold exclusively at target. Of course I got bored and decided to dress it up, giving myself a makeshift french with Orly - Rage. Rage is advertised as a rose gold, but it it comes across as a bronze/silver/gold depending on the light.

This looks really great in person. It's perfect for the Chinese New Year, too bad I'm about 3 and a half months late on that one :) 

The red is coming off a little brighter than it is in real life. Oh and excuse my messy tips, I did them by hand and they are not perfect.

Awkward dog photo! 

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