Saturday, April 14, 2012

Holy amazing April Birchbox! 2012

This month's Birchbox is dedicated to all things natural. I wasn't sure anything would top last month's Essie score, but holy crap did I get some great stuff!

In my box: 

Befine Skincare Sampler 
- 3 packets of face wash plus 2 packs of daytime moisturizer with sunscreen, both use rice extract which is an ingredient I've been wanting to try. I'm also searching for the perfect moisturizer with SPF so these samples were very appreciated. 

Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in Bronzed 
- Full size! $36 value! Hell yeah! Yes, part of me wishes I got the pinkish one, but the bronze looks pretty good on me. This can be used on eyelids, lips, and cheeks - I can definitely see myself swiping this on my face all summer. 

Ateliere Cologne Perfume Sample
- I wish I cared about these but I'm allergic to perfume. Oh well. 

Oile Biologique 
- Sample blend of organic essential oils. You can add drops of this to your regular moisturizer, which is what I'll be doing. Very good. 

Le Palais des Thes 
- Two gourmet green tea blends in fun flavors. I love fancy tea!

LOVED this box, probably my favorite so far since I'll be using everything but the perfume. 

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  1. Glad you liked your birchbox! I got the same perfume a little while ago and didn't care for it either. Too much like a basket of oranges lol



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