Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birchbox - November 2012

Whomp Whomp. I always knew my BB luck could not last forever, and this month the jig was up as I received what the girls over at makeuptalk have dubbed the "punishment box."

Let's take a look:

Khiel's Creme De  Corps
Decent size sample of luxury ($70!) body cream. Great for travel

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer - Light Pink
Deluxe sample of a highlighter from a popular brand.

MCMC Perfume in Phoenix
Vanilla, honeysuckle, peach. I'm allergic to perfume, but even I loved how this stuff smelled. It manages to be both gentle and rich, lacking the chemical odor of most perfumes (but still giving me a headache after squirting it on). I am gifting this sample to my mom, who will most likely be buying a full size bottle.

Masqueology Eye Mask
This one mask retails for $8. I'm very interested in giving it a try, but cannot see myself ever spending money on these (unless it truly works miracles in which case I might stock up for special occasions).

Masqueology Masque Cleanse (face wash)
I totally fell for the marketing on this package and was excited to experience the "bubble technology" it advertised until I realized that it simply made bubbles on my face much like every other soap that ever existed. Next.

Masqueology 7D Moisture Cream
I have not used this yet but I do not expect much. These packets were lifestyle extras, so I can't really hate too hard. Still wish I got a Chuao bar.

In the end, while this box was crappy compared to every other box this month, it really was *that* terrible. If this is the worst Birchbox ever puts out, I dare say they are on their way up. Yes, the value is low compared to those who scored $24 mascaras and $18 lipglosses, but these boxes were never about value to me - they are about trying new things. Given that criteria this box still managed to succeed.

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  1. Hey hun! Found you from makeup talk, I love this box! Following you now, check out my blog when you can :)




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