Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birchbox October 2012 - Goop Box

I am the first to admit, I have some amazing Birchbox karma. While the internet rages over dime size lip gel and oodles of foil packets, I score a full sized Essie and lip balm. Even the Luna Bar can't bring this box down.

Essie - No More Film
Love this color ! Totally lucked out with a very wearable Essie that I do not already own. It can come across as black, but really is an awesome navy blue/deep violet depending on how much light is hitting it.

Sprout Lip Balm - Cocoa
I've been using this product for a month and I'm obsessed with it. The smell is odd, but once you put it on it basically smells like a mounds bar. The condition of my lips have drastically improved since I've gotten this - probably because I've been applying it pretty religiously since I broke the seal. It is not at all waxy and manages to hydrate without being sticky. Will definitely be buying more once I run out.

Luna Bar
It's a Luna bar! I'm glad to finally get this over with, as everyone with a BB sub gets one sooner or later.

Joanna Vargas Face Serum
This is a really nice serum, and despite the small size I've been able to use it nightly for almost 2 weeks. Have not really seen any major impact from it, so I'm not about to splurge $88 on the full size. That said, it does smell really delicious and soaks into my skin very nicely.

Marie Veronique Body Oil
While this smells delicious and is a decent size, I feel like I have no real use for it and will probably try to trade it for something more practical - like another lip balm!

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