Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Color Club - Wild and Willing

I'm going to rant about my nails for sec. I usually file my nails while I have polish on cause it's a lot easier to keep them even that way. I decided to break my rule, assuring myself I'd reached a skill level where I can keep things even without being deceived by the white tips of my nails (which start at a different point in each nail and is therefore useless when it comes to this). I was very wrong, and now my nails are super short and uneven. I also need a serious manicure as my cuticles are in piss poor shape. So yeah that's that, on to better things!

Wild and Willing, a fantastic glitter/metallic/duochrome made up of yellow/orange gold glitter that flashes pink in certain light (awesome!) The glitter is in a clear base and it goes on pretty sheer. I used 4 coats, although you can probably get away with 3. This color changes a lot depending on the lighting, the finish looks metallic in the shade and really sparkly in any sort of light. I'll admit, I wasn't really used to this kind of color at first, but now I am totally in love. Cannot wait to wear this once i'm tan. Now for photo spam!

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