Friday, May 14, 2010

OPI - DS Extravagance

OPI charges a premium for their DS line because of the "diamond dust" formula; this polish actually does look like there are crushed diamonds inside. I like it because even in low light all that hidden sparkle gives off an interesting textured look. Of course when the sun hits it, it is superb.

The formula is pretty great. This is two coats plus layer of Seche Vite. Unlike some sparkly polishes, this one is super easy to remove - anyone who has spent a substantial amount of time scrubbing glitter off their nails can appreciate that!

Direct sunlight: 

Indirect natural light:

Artificial light: 

Mixed light: 


  1. this is an awesome color. I love it on you and it looks fab with short nails (I love all polish that will look beautiful on short nails) :)

  2. Thanks! And I agree, this polish will look awesome on nails of any length.

  3. I really just need to write a list of all the polishes I want.. geez that is pretty.



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