Friday, April 8, 2011

China Glaze - Black Mesh / Wet and Wild - Grey's Anatomy

Oh dear, has it been 8 months? While I abandoned this blog, I have not abandoned nail polish. I'm going to jump right in with some crackle polish. This is China Glaze - Black Mesh over Wet and Wild - Grey's Anatomy. 

I was on the fence about crackle polish in general until I saw my friend Kim wearing OPI's Teenage Dream and Black Shatter. It looked amazing on her and I immediately hunted down my own bottles. My first attempt at this combo was a bit of a failure as I was still getting used to using crackle polish. Teenage Dream, while very pretty, is just as annoying as any other glitter to remove so I decided on something a little easier to handle on my second attempt. 

Grey's Anatomy is a subtle grey/pink duochrome that works well under crackle polish (it's very similar to OPI's Not Like the Movies from the Katy Perry line). It comes across sort of nude and basic in these photos, but trust me that pink shimmer is there. This was 3 coats of Grey's and one very thick coat of Black Mesh. 

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