Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Sally Effects - Kitty, Kitty (Leopard)

Oh Em Gee people!

I have been eyeing Sally Hansen's line of adhesive polish strips for a while, but $10 a pop is a lot to ask for one mani.  I had to try them though, so I purchased a Leopard print box when they popped up at my local CVS. I immediately stored them away for a special occasion, but not before opening them up and poking around. Well it turns out these things dry out, so I basically ruined the pack I opened. Lucky for me, the other half was still sealed (they come with two packs, one for each hand). I was able to cut them in half and make it work, which is kind of awesome cause now I know one box can get me 2 mani's.

Application was easy! These will be a breeze to apply if you follow the directions and use them as they are made to be used. If you plan on cutting them up to make the pack go further, you have to peel the top layer of clear off BEFORE you cut them (it'll be much harder to do after).

So the steps would be:

1) Peel off top clear layer
2) Cut strip in half (or to desired shape/size)
3) Peel off bottom layer
4) Place on nail

A coworker of mine cuts off the excess and uses them on her toes for an awesome mani-pedi. I know that sounds like a hassle, but after working with a pack I can say they are pretty easy to cut up and use as you see fit.

And now for photos! Sorry they are a bit blurry.

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