Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nail Fraud Strips in Zebra

I got these free from one of those living social type deal sites over the summer. I found them just as easy to apply as the Sally Hansen strips, though they seemed a little thicker. I made the mistake of putting a clear coat on and hopping in the shower too fast, so they got kind of smudgy in the shower.

I LOVE the pattern. Unlike Sally Hansen's zebra strips, these have a uniform design on each nail. It gave them a cool effect.

I wore them for about a week. They started to chip and peel a little. I think the Sally Hansen ones wear better. Another interesting thing - when it came time to remove I was able to peel them right off my nail in one sheet. The Sally Hansen strips adhere to your nail and act like nail polish, these seem more like a super durable sticker. Also, they come in one sealed pack so you have to use them all in one sitting. I had a lot left over so I cut them up and gave myself a pedicure. It came better than expected :)


  1. Love this print, I think it suits your short nails so good!

  2. Thanks! I tend to like anything really bold a lil better on shorter nails :)



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