Friday, March 9, 2012

Teen Vogue Birch Box - March 2012!

So I recently became Birch Box subscriber. Basically you pay $10 a month for a box of random goodies to be sent to your house. It's kind of like a mini Christmas, they even wrap things up nice and pretty for you!

This month members had an option of getting a special Teen Vogue box, which I opted for since they mentioned Essie as a brand that would be participating. Here is my box:

The full sized Essie and Tarte lip stain were major scores, as they retail for $32 alone. I got Essie in As Gold as it Gets and the Tarte in Lucky (doesn't look awesome on me, but my mother assures me it will be much better with a tan). Also excited to try the hair oil.  I'm a little confused about the twistband hair tie, since it seems to be a piece of cheap stretchy ribbon tied with a knot. They are selling these things in packs of 12 for $18. No thank you!

Last month my box wasn't nearly as exciting (very mini lip gloss, fashion tape, eye rock press on eyeliner, bronzer powder puff, juicy fragrance sample, and a free cd download from iTunes), but I'm going to stay on board because if nothing else it's fun to get a cool things in the mail.


  1. thanks for this. i just signed up and should get my first box soon. i hope i get the twistband because i really want to try it and see what the hype is about. the lipgloss and nail polish you got were cool too :)

  2. You got some great products in your TV Birchbox. I love the Essie! March is my 3rd month with BB, and I like the service so much I opened a 2nd account. Some of the products I received in my past boxes are now my favorites. Make sure you take advantage of the Birchbox points!

  3. Can't wait to get my March box! The twistbands...I've bought them and was unimpressed. They look cute for about a week or so, and then become unusable because they are so stretched out.

  4. I agree with you about the twistbands. I just don't get it, I could buy that material at the local fabric store by the yards!



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