Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Klutch Club Best of Box

I love sub boxes. If I had a ton of disposable income this is how I would shop for everything. Makeup, fitness clothes, skin care, healthy snacks - sure there is the risk of getting something you don't like but these boxes are still like mini Christmas every month.

Klutch Club promises to deliver health and wellness products with a focus on organic, low sugar, and gluten free snacks. When a Gilt deal popped up for a "best of" box for $13 shipped I could not say no (retail price of this box is $25 and it promised over $100 in goodies). I got my box today and was really pleased!

The theme of this box was New Year's resolution and there was a nice little insert that broke down product categories and explained why it was chosen. Here is the list:

Get Supermodel Sexy
C. Booth Honey Almond Body Butter
Giovanni Cosmetics Argan Oil and Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

Eliminate Household Toxins
Berry Plus Natural Laundry Detergent (10 loads)

Eat Right & Maintain a Healthy Weight
Funky Monkey Snacks Freeze Dried Pineapples
Jaali Bean Coconut Lentil Rice
Lush Gourmet Food Chocoloate Covered Nuts
Zevia Natural Soda with Stevia
Soyjoy Bars (chocolate cherry, cranberry)

Give Back 
$10 Seer Outfitter gift card

Keep Your Body in Shape
KTape Fitness and Injury Tape
Streamfit - 2 month subscription to online fitness videos

If I was in a store I would have bought the soyjoys, funky monkey snacks, and lentil rice meal - these are right up my alley and I'm excited to try them out. The hair stuff and body cream will most definitely be put to good use. The laundry detergent should be interesting to try out (the packaging is adorable). The streamfit subscription is also an awesome fit because I do a lot of strength training at home and am always looking for new routines.

All in all this was a total score for $13. Would I still have loved it for $25? Probably, but paying half price gave me the awesome feeling you get when you score a major sale and are really happy with your loot.

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